High School Choices for 8th Grade Siblings

Hello Andrada Families,

All over the district, 8th grade students are getting ready to choose their high school for next year. The process has changed this year. I want to reach out to our families that have an 8th grader, and to all of our families in case they have friends or neighbors with 8th graders.

We are committed to keeping our Vail siblings together if they want to be. If one of your children will be a student at Andrada next year, your 8th grader has an automatic spot. This spot is only guaranteed IF you complete the high school choice process on time.

Here is how it works:

  • On February 1st the website vailhighschoolchoice.org goes live.
  • Every 8th grade parent needs to log on (using your PowerSchool parent ID and password). If you don’t remember your login info, call your child’s middle school.
  • You must rank all four of the high schools. IF YOU WANT YOUR CHILD TO ATTEND ANDRADA, MARK IT NUMBER 1.
  • You also need to say that your child is a sibling and provide the necessary information.

THE DUE DATE TO CHOOSE YOUR CHILD’S HIGH SCHOOL IS MARCH 1ST. Siblings will be given the first spots and will not be included in a lottery if it is necessary.

If you do not log onto vailhighschoolchoice.org and choose your child’s school by March 1st, they will not be given the sibling benefit; they will not have an automatic spot.

If you have any questions, please call Debbie Peck at 879-3311.

Thank you!

Julia Kaiser, Principal