Attendance Appeals Process

Attendance-MattersAs the first semester of the school year is winding down, it is time to remind you about our Excessive Absence policy. In short, if a student has 12 or more absences in one class, he/she will not receive credit in that class—regardless of the letter grade earned. This includes all absences; sickness, appointments, vacations, suspensions, ditching, excused or unexcused. At the semester, when grades are stored for the final transcripts, classes with excessive absences will show as NC (no credit). No credit will be received for the class, and your student will have to retake the class through our Credit Recovery program.

There is an appeal process at Andrada High School. If your student has 12 or more absences in one or more class, he/she can schedule an Absence Appeal appointment. At this ten-minute meeting, your student will be able to explain his/her absences, provide any documentation available, and plan ahead for next semester.

There are three possible outcomes to an Absence Appeal:

  1. The student has good reasons for his/her absences and credit is granted.
  2. The absences are without good reason and credit is not granted. The class will need to be retaken through Credit Recovery.
  3. The student is placed on an Attendance Contract. The grades remain NC until the student shows improvement in his/her attendance next semester (12 or less absences in every class). At that point, the contract will be considered fulfilled and the grades will be changed to the earned letter grade, and credit will be given.

Absence Appeals will begin next week. Students can schedule his/her appointment in the Counseling Center. Parents do not need to attend appeals; this is actually a great opportunity for students to advocate for themselves. Please feel free to send in any documentation with your student or to help him/her prepare for the meeting. You will be notified of the outcome of the meeting in a mailed letter. Please encourage your student to get an appointment scheduled right away.

If your student is on a 504 plan, IEP, or Chronic Illness Plan that makes accommodations for absences, he/she will still have to schedule an appeal meeting to check in with their academic counselors.

With only two weeks until final exams, it’s time to finish strong!

Julia Kaiser, Principal