Vail Early College

Vail Early College Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What are we?

  • A program offered through the high schools in the Vail School District.
  • An opportunity for students to spend their senior year taking courses on the Pima Community College (PCC) East Campus.
  • Focused on being the right program for the right students.

What are we NOT?

  • A program that can meet the needs of every senior in the district.
  • A credit recovery program.
  • A place for students who don’t like school or who are not motivated

What are we here to do?

  • Help students to succeed in the transition from high school to college.
  • Help students go on to complete their college degrees/certifications.
  • Provide students with the supports and skills necessary to successfully meet their academic goals.

What does an Early College look like?

  • Early Colleges are popular in many other states, but are relatively new to Arizona. They come in many forms, but Vail’s will vision is:
  • Fourth/senior year of high school will be spent full time at PCC.
  • School day will be approximately 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Students will follow PCC academic calendar.
  • Students can still participate in their Vail high school’s sports, clubs, activities, dances, graduation, etc.
  • A full time Vail School District teacher and administrative assistant will be located at PCC to support students/families.
  • Students will receive a diploma from their Vail high school.
  • Students will take American Government for high school credit.
  • Students will earn 20-27 college credits from PCC, and most of those courses will be specifically chosen to meet each student’s educational goals.
  • Students will be provided with specific college success supports.
  • Students will complete a Senior Exit Project.
  • Attendance will be taken, and parents will have a direct contact on PCC

What is in it for students/families?

  • Free PCC tuition.
  • Free books for PCC courses.
  • Free PCC student fees.
  • Value of nearly $4,000!
  • Access to our College Success Coordinator to help with each personalized academic journey.
  • Specific training and activities to ensure that students benefit from the student support services offered by PCC.
  • Full access to PCC activities and events.

How do students get to participate in the Early College?

  • Fill out an application packet and return to your high school counselor.
  • A selection committee will score each candidate.
  • How will students be selected?
  • Selection will focus on: Grade Point Average -Letter of Application, Test Scores, Interview, Completed Application, Teacher Recommendation, Graduation Progress, Student Motivation

How will being in an Early College program affect future college
scholarships and financial aid?

  • After graduation from high school, colleges/universities will view students as first year college students. This means that students will be eligible for Freshman/first year scholarships and financial aid packages.

If you have questions, please contact:
Ethan Hurley
Director, College and Career Readiness
(520) 879-3941