Fall Break Intersession Information

Andrada High School

Fall 2018 Intersession Program

Are you looking for a way to bring up your 1st quarter grade? Check out Intersession!

ELIGIBLE STUDENTS:  Andrada High School student with a grade of D, or F

LOCATION:  Andrada High School, 12960 S. Houghton Rd

DATES:  1st Session September 24 & 25 / 2nd Session September 26 & 27

Students can sign up for 2nd Session only if they are enrolled in 1st Session.

TIME:  9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M., Monday & Tuesday / Wednesday & Thursday

COST:  $50 per class per student (payable to Andrada High School) NO REFUNDS!

TRANSPORTATION:  Pick up a bus schedule from Andrada’s front office or visit the district website

LUNCH:  Students must bring their own lunch.

WHAT TO BRING:  Computer, notebooks, pens, pencils, and a good attitude

NOTE:  Classes capped at 25 students (15 students minimum)


  Any student who presents a discipline problem will be dropped from the class.

  Any student who misses more than a half-day (3 hours) per session will be dropped from the class.

  A dropped student will not receive a refund and will not earn credit.


All classes will use a similar curriculum to what was given in the regular classroom. The grade earned in

Intersession will be averaged with the grade earned in the 1st quarter. This newly averaged grade will then become

the starting 2nd quarter grade. NOTE: Intersession can only raise grades; it cannot lower them.

EXAMPLE: Quarter 1 grade of 50%

Intersession grade of 80%

Average of the two is 65%

Now 65% is the new official beginning Quarter 2 grade for that class.

To register, return the bottom portion of this form to the Bookstore or call Mr. Livingston 879-3309 by

9/20/17. Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fall Intersession Flyer 2018