Tax Credit Donations for APHS Clubs!

Dear staff, parents, guardians, Arizona relatives and neighbors,
Did you know it’s not too late to make a tax credit donation? Did you know that some of our clubs desperately need your donation? You can still make a tax credit donation of up to $200 per individual or $400 per couple. You just have to do it before you file your taxes! You donate to a designated club (like the Andrada ASL Club which desperately needs help) and when you file your taxes, you claim the amount you donated, and the government sends you the amount you donated back when you receive your tax refund. If you owe taxes, it can take that amount off of what you owe! You’re just loaning us the money and the government pays you back for doing a good thing for our school! Please consider donating to the school and club of your choice. Thank you!