Come to the Biosphere 2 Field Trip with Mrs. Daconta and Mr. Febbraro!

Mrs. Daconta & Mr. Febbraro will be taking a maximum of 48 students to the “Biosphere 2” located in Tucson on Friday, May 03, 2019. This field trip will provide students with a hands-on learning and research/data collection experience that is aimed at observing the intricate interactions between organisms and their environment. This field trip will further emphasize and expand upon the sealed ecosystem project that will be completed in May. Although I would like to take every student, spots are limited for this trip. Students will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis. This permission slip must be entirely completed and signed, with at least a C or better in ALL classes, in order to secure a spot. Furthermore, all selected students must continue to pass ALL classes with a C or better by Friday, April 26, 2019 or they will forfeit their spot for the field trip. Payment of $60 should be made payable by check to ANDRADA (APHS) or cash submitted to Mrs. Daconta. Permissions slips and $60 total payment will be accepted no later than Thursday, April 25.